Making the Most of Your Real Estate Agent's Expertise

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Making the Most of Your Real Estate Agent's Expertise

Buying a new home is an exciting experience, but there is a lot that has to be considered if you want to make sure that your investment is a solid one. For example, while it isn’t required, it is a good idea to have your real estate agent hire an independent inspector to have prospective homes personally inspected for safety and condition before making an offer. Learning how your real estate agent can best help you before actually hiring an agent will ensure that the person you work with has the experience and ideas needed to get the results that you want. On this website, you can expect to find out how to find a great real estate agent and how you can best tap into the talents.

Recommendations For A More Successful Home Purchase

The home that you choose is an important decision in your life, which is why you need to carefully consider its selection and purchase so you can invest in it wisely. If this is your first home purchase, there are many tasks you can start on early to get ready for the process and purchase. With the state of the real estate market, the home-buying market is a bit more competitive, but here are some recommendations to help you be more successful.

Find Your Professionals

When you take on a purchase as important and large as a home, you will need to have the right crew of professionals with you and working for you. As a first step, a mortgage lender is key to helping you get your financing for the home's purchase. A mortgage lender is going to submit your application for the loan approval, then communicate to you any documentation you will need to close on your home's purchase. Talk to your mortgage lender about finding the right loan program with an interest rate that is competitive and makes financial sense for your income situation. 

To help you find the home perfect for you, look for a professional real estate agent to help you. You may have a real estate agent from the first step in the process, or you may look for one after you get your mortgage pre-qualified. Either way, make sure you find a real estate agent that will work hard for you and puts you first and what you want in a home. Make sure they know your financial situation and the features and style that you want in a home. Your realtor will be able to complete a custom search for your home needs and provide you up-to-date information on new listings that come up daily.

Shop For a Home

Once you have your mortgage pre-approval established with a loan locked in and the financing all ready to go, you will have a stronger position as a buyer. This will help you in the home market as you compete with any other buyers vying for the same homes as you. 

Because there are likely to be many other buyers shopping alongside you, make sure you plan out your realtor-assisted home search for prices a bit below what your maximum is. This will help you have some room to come up in price if necessary, so you don't go over your budget when you bid on a home. For example, if you are approved for a mortgage up to $450,000, start your search for homes up to $420,000, which will give you $30,000 extra to use in the bidding and negotiations.

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