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Making the Most of Your Real Estate Agent's Expertise

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Is Your Home's Bathroom Scaring Away Potential Buyers?

If your home has been on the market for a while without selling, then you are likely asking yourself why. Since there is always a specific reason for a home to languish on the market, figuring out why is the key to getting it sold. Some of the most common things that turn off buyers are:

  • dated kitchens

  • dated bathrooms

  • bad landscaping

  • signs of delayed maintenance

If your home has nice landscaping, an updated kitchen, and shows signs that it has been well maintained, then consider your bathroom may be the problem.

What Does the Bathroom's Sink and Vanity Look Like?

The first thing potential buyers look at when they walk into a bathroom is the sink and vanity area. Are they sparkling clean? Is there enough room to put all of their beauty products without things falling off of the counter? Also, your buyers want to see a cabinet that looks up to date or has been repainted so it looks modern. If your vanity is dated or the counter's surface is old laminate, then consider updating them to entice buyers.

How are the Shower or Bathtub Areas Finished?

Since your buyers will bathe every day, they will care about the state of the shower or bathtub area. The area should be very clean, have fresh caulking, and should not look dated. If your shower or bath is an odd color of tile, then consider having it refinished or replaced.

What Type of Flooring Does Your Bathroom Have?

If your home is older and has carpet in the bathroom, then this is most definitely turning off buyers. The carpet must be removed and replaced with vinyl or tile. Additionally, if your home has an older tile floor, then it needs to have the grout cleaned and must look like it could have been installed yesterday.

Does the Toilet Look Like it was Manufactured This Century?

While it may seem strange, potential buyers will look at the toilet when viewing the bathroom. Beyond being impeccably clean, the toilet needs to look like it was manufactured recently. Older toilets are more prone to clogging and they waste water. Since most buyers don't want to deal with replacing a toilet, make sure your home has current models.

How is Your Bathroom Painted or Decorated?

Finally, take a look around your bathroom and look at its paint job and decoration. Buyers are turned off by wallpaper, wallpaper borders, and unusual bathroom paint colors. If your bathroom has any of these things, then remove the wallpaper and repaint it white or a light gray color to give it an updated and current style.

A real estate agent, such as Re/Max Alliance - The Diane Stow Team, can help answer any other questions about what you should do to improve your bathrooms and get your house sold.