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Making the Most of Your Real Estate Agent's Expertise

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Tips For Making Your Small Kitchen Look Appealing To Potential Buyers

Are you trying to sell your home, but your small kitchen is making it a tough sell to buyers? It may be a great idea to give the kitchen a makeover. Even though small kitchens may seem like a challenge to renovate, there are some tips that can improve the feel of the space without adding an addition to your home.

Add Neutral Colors

A dark paint color will always make a room look small, and this is especially true with a kitchen. That doesn't mean that you must go with pure white walls. You can use colors that are light and neutral, such as a light tan or cream color. If you don't want to use a bland color, you can always use accent colors to liven the room up, which can easily be swapped by a new owner.

Use Small Appliances

With the trend for appliances to always be bigger, you may have an oversized stove or refrigerator in a very small space. Consider installing smaller appliances that can give you more square footage and more countertop space. Appliance manufacturers do make smaller models for apartments, and it can give you back the much-needed room if it is a problem to have multiple people in your kitchen at the same time.

Install Glass Doors

Does your kitchen have a door on it to keep the heat from reaching the rest of your home? Put on a new door that has glass in it instead of solid wood. Being able to see into the dining room can make the space feel less enclosed. You can also add new cabinet doors that have glass panels on them. You'll need to keep the cabinets tidy inside, but it can add some depth to a space that looks enclosed.

Install A Skylight

Do you only have a single window in a very narrow kitchen? If so, look into adding a skylight to the room. This will add more natural light, which makes the space feel more open.

It may seem like you are throwing money away on these home remodeling projects, but you can easily make money on them by increasing your home's resale value. In addition, the improvements may help your home sell faster, which is less money that you are spending on your mortgage and taxes while your home is sitting unoccupied. For more tips on improving the resale value of your home, speak with your real estate agent or visit websites like