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Making the Most of Your Real Estate Agent's Expertise

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Why You Should Get Your Carpet Steam Cleaned Before Your New Baby Arrives

If you are about to have your first baby, there may be a lot of different things you will want or need to do before the baby arrives. One of these things is cleaning the carpeting in your home. Your baby will spend a lot of time on the floors in your house during his or her first months and years of life, and having clean carpeting is a necessity for keeping germs away from your new child. There are several methods available for cleaning carpet, but here are several things to know about steam cleaning, which is one of the best methods available today.

How Is Steam Cleaning Different From Other Methods?

Steam cleaning is just one of several common methods professionals use when they are hired to clean carpeting in homes, and another common method is shampooing. Shampooing carpeting is a great way to deep clean carpets, but this method has its faults. With this method, carpet cleaning companies use cleaning solutions that might contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can get into the air and will be inside the carpet fibers, and this means your baby will be exposed to these chemicals.

When carpet is cleaned with steam, water is usually the only ingredient used in this process; however, some companies may use a small amount of cleaning solution during this process. Water is pure and does not contain anything that is harmful. Because of this, steam cleaning carpeting is often considered a better method to use. With this method, a machine is used to heat up water. The water is then sprayed into the carpet and has the ability to reach inside the carpet fibers. This can help loosen up debris and pollutants that are trapped deep inside, and it could leave your carpet cleaner than any other carpet cleaning method.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Steam Cleaning?

One of the key benefits offered through steam cleaning is the ability to remove trapped mold, allergens, and toxins from carpeting. While traditional shampooing methods may clean carpets enough to remove stains and freshen them, these methods are not extremely effective for really cleaning the carpet. When a steam cleaner is used, your carpet will be safe enough for your baby to play on, and you will not have to worry about your baby being exposed to harmful toxins that can normally be found in carpeting.

Another benefit of steam cleaning is that it allows your carpet to dry faster. As the carpet cleaning company is cleaning your carpeting, the hot water that is being sprayed out is vacuumed up very quickly. Because of this, your carpet will not be overly wet when the job is finished. You may have to let it dry out overnight, but you will not have to wait days for this to happen. When carpet stays wet for days, there is a greater risk that mold and mildew will begin growing in it, and this is another reason why steam cleaning is a better option.

When Should You Have This Done?

Ideally, you should plan on having this done just before your baby is born. Once the baby is born, you may want to place him or her on the floor for short periods of time, and having clean carpet will be important for this. As your baby gets bigger and begins sitting up and crawling, having clean carpet will be even more important. Most experts recommend hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to clean all the carpets in a home every year. If you get on this schedule, you can be certain that your carpet will always be clean enough for your little baby to play on.

If you would like to schedule a company to clean your carpets, or if you would like more information about these services, contact a carpet cleaning company, such as 5 Star Carpet Cleaning, today.