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Making the Most of Your Real Estate Agent's Expertise

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3 Tips For Living In A Small Apartment With Children

Inner-city living can be difficult for young families. Often times there seems to be a trade-off in chasing your dream job in the city and raising your kids; however, this doesn't have to be the case. Rather, apartments can accommodate a growing family if proper measures are taken. Below are three things you should consider doing when living in an apartment with children:

Create an Open Play Space

The suggestion of creating open play space in a crammed inner-city apartment may seem like some sort of cruel joke, but the truth is that an open play space is crucial for your child's development. An area which they can call their own gives them space to breathe, the opportunity to be creative, and a chance to have fun with their friends and toys.

Unfortunately, finding space in a small apartment can be difficult; however, it is definitely possible to find space if you look hard enough. The best way to truly assess your apartment would be to have a huge decluttering session. Be honest with yourself and get rid of everything you don't need in order to create space. If you have seasonal items, such as additional heaters for winter, put them into external storage to create space when they aren't needed.

Once you have stripped your apartment back to the bare minimum, it's time to get innovative. You probably view the space in your apartment as being dictated by floor space; however, this isn't the case. One often overlooked trick to create space in a small apartment is to build vertically upwards. Check to see if you can stack some storage on top of one another to create more room on the ground. If you have some clearance above your door frames, consider building inverted L-shape cabinets that can make use of the available space. This will free up much needed space on the floor that you can use to create a safe haven for your growing child.

Sacrifice the Master Bedroom

This tip is great if you have two or more children; however, it can also be used if you have followed the previous tip and found you simply don't have the lounge space available. One of the best ways to give your children their free space is to give them the master bedroom. It has become tradition that parents sleep in the big bedroom and kids share the smaller area; however, if space is severely limited, you should consider downgrading yourself to the smaller room and giving your kids space to roam.

Living with siblings is difficult enough, add in sharing a cramped room in a small city apartment and you have the recipe for major headaches down the road. Bickering, tantrums, and fighting are all commonplace for siblings growing up in the same room. You could dramatically reduce your anxiety by freeing up the big room in order to give each child their own play space.

Of course, it's not going to be easy sleeping in a small room with your partner. However, a child's place to call their own is much more important than additional storage room for clothes or an extra book case. Making these sacrifices early in a child's life will give them the best start possible.

Be Vigilant With Safety Measures

Small, compact living spaces are a great way to keep your home simple and efficient. However, small living spaces can also prove to be dangerous for your children unless proper precautions are taken.

This may seem counter-intuitive – surely less space means you will be able to keep an eye on them? This is indeed true; however, dangerous situations can arise in crowded spaces as there is less room to maneuver. Often, in small apartments, you will have to fold a table away after eating, or collapse a temporary shelf before going to bed. At first, this may be easy; however, over time it is very easy to forget about these things, which only serves to make your apartment even more confined. If your children don't have space to freely move around, chances are they will bump into something or trip over and injure themselves.

Therefore, make sure you remain entirely vigilant with safety measures in your apartment in order to ensure your children don't get injured. If you are using temporary furniture, be sure to pack it away when it isn't needed. If you are above the ground floor and have a balcony, make sure you lock it closed when you are in a different room from your children.

Whilst small apartments can be difficult for young children to live in, they can become a great family home if you take the proper precautions. If you are having trouble with your current apartment and need advice, speak to your a tenant services company like Two Rivers Investment about the options available to you.