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Making the Most of Your Real Estate Agent's Expertise

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4 Motorcycle Trailer Roof Upgrade Options Ideal For Road Trips

Whether you're camping, going to conventions, or meeting up with other riders, an enclosed motorcycle trailer is an easy and safe way to bring bikes on long road trips. On their own, enclosed trailers have a number of features dedicated to riders, but there's always room for upgrades. If you're looking for more features in an enclosed trailer, consider the following four roof upgrade options. Each option adds tools and convenience for extended road trips. The upgraded are installed on the roof of the trailer so they do not take away from your space on the inside.

Trailer Skylight

Due to the enclosed sides of a motorcycle trailer, they may seem too dark to use while you are parked. Instead of opening all the doors and loading bay, you can add a lot of natural light with a skylight installation. A skylight has the ability to fill the trailer with sun all through the day. If you're quickly parking to grab something out of the trailer, extra lights are not needed when the sun can provide that light.

A skylight can be installed in the center of the trailer roof, or you can have multiple skylights evenly placed across the roof. This will help add more fill light on the inside of the trailer. Skylights that open can also provide extra air and ventilation inside the trailer. Work with a trailer dealer to explore the different options when ordering the skylights.

Solar Panels

Another way to conserve energy and have more convenience is with rooftop solar panels installed on your trailer. Solar panels attached across the roof of the trailer can supply the inside with enough power to run lights, small electronics, and any form of plumbing you may have like a small sink. When you're driving on the highway all day long, the panels can collect the sunlight and store it inside a battery that is kept int he trailer. This gives you extra power options for when you're parked or camping for the night.

Instead of cutting into the roof of your trailer to install the panels, many varieties are built with powerful magnets. These magnets are strong enough to stick and hold on the trailer roof. Cables from the panel can run through a window or small vent in the trailer to supply the power. Depending on your power needs, one or two 10 to 20 watt panels should be more than enough. Some trailers may have solar panels built into them. Ask a dealer about the different solar options for your roof.

TV & Radio Antennas

Just because you are out on the road doesn't mean you need to go with a connection to society. While hanging out in the trailer, working on the bike, or eating meals, you can enjoy the pleasure of both TV and radio. For free television connections, you can purchase an over-the-air antennas. These antennas have the ability to pick up free HD streams of networks like FOX, ABC, and CBS. Depending on where you are in the country, you can follow a channel guide to use the antennas and manually tune in to the stations. The antenna can be installed on the roof of the trailer for the best reception as cords go through the roof and directly into a television you have mounted.

Radio antennas can also supply you with a wide range of music and news. Along with a traditional AM/FM antenna, you can purchase a satellite radio antenna for more extended channel options. For satellite radios, some subscription fees may apply, so it's important to research, budget, and choose your best options.

Wi-Fi Booster

Find free wireless internet across the United States by installing a Wi-Fi booster to the trailer. A powerful antenna can help your phones, tablets, and computers find and connect to wireless signals across the country. A large antenna booster has a larger range than most built-in routers that come on devices. This can help you connect to social media, websites, and apps while you're on the go.

A trailer roof has more than enough space to accommodate one or more of these options. When first purchasing a trailer, work with enclosed motorcycle trailer sales dealers to get assistance on the upgrades and installations before you hit the open road.