Making the Most of Your Real Estate Agent's Expertise

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Making the Most of Your Real Estate Agent's Expertise

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Promote Your Log Cabin And Property During An Open House

If you are planning on moving across the country and currently own a log cabin located deep in the forest and the property will soon be listed with a real estate agent, the following tips will assist with promoting the home and the land that it is located on when prospective buyers stop by for an impending open house:

Clean And Complete Some Basic Cosmetic Upgrades

Box up personal belongings and place them in storage. Give each room a thorough cleaning. Add some simple decorations to each room that complement the colors of the walls, carpets, and furnishings. A bowl of fruit, candle holders, and vases of artificial flowers are some decor items that can be placed on shelves or countertops and that will minimize the emptiness of each room.

Small, colorful rugs can be laid across hardwood or laminate floors and will add appeal to the home's interior. If some rooms do not provide ample lighting, purchase a set of lamps to brighten up the areas in need. 

Set Up An Outdoor Sitting Area 

If you would like attendees of an open house to be impressed with the setting that the cabin is located on, placing a table and chairs outdoors will allow them to sit down and take in the surroundings upon their arrival. Purchase tables and chairs that are made out of a material that is similar to the wood that the cabin is constructed of. Add a water feature next to the table, such as an electric fountain or small pond. Surround the sitting area with potted foliage and flowering plants that are native to the area where the cabin is located.

Plan a list of appetizers and beverages to serve to guests during their tour. When each group of people arrives, welcome them to spend some time outdoors to enjoy the peaceful surroundings before embarking into the home. Without feeling rushed and being able to relax on the land, some people may feel at home and envision how they would utilize the outdoor space if they choose to purchase the property.

Fill A Photo Album With Pictures

Browse through photographs that you have taken over the years of the cabin and property and select ones that depict the home and land in a favorable manner. Choose a variety of photographs from each season. Place the photographs in a photo album and create captions for the pictures by printing descriptions across self-adhesive labels. Affix the labels underneath the corresponding pictures.

Set the photo album on a table or countertop inside of the cabin and allow people to look at the pictures when they stop by to view the home and land. The pictures will provide people with additional insight and may give some of them some ideas of how they can add their personal touches to the home and land if they opt to purchase the property.